Commodore C64 / C128 PSU PRO


Commodore C64 / C128 PSU PRO. New design. Adjustable output. Intelligent power distribution. Low ripple. No noise.

Our C64 C128 PSU PRO is modern, replacement power supply unit for Commodore C64 (VIC20) or C128 & 1541-II FDD (supports 1581 too). Provides stable, adjustable & filtered 5VDC (up to 2.0A) by hi-quality efficient converter and full 9VAC (1.1A) by classic heavy duty linear transformer unit. In addition it can deliver extra power to 1541-II unit (1A 5VDC and 0.5A 12VDC) to power the FDD at the same time. Can be used with C64 & C128 with native cable or universal C64 to C128 adapter option. The best, full featured "2in1" replacement C64 C128 PSU on the market. The one & only absolute industry standard. Adjust the output voltage as every C64/C128 is different.

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Commodore C64 C128 PSU PRO "2-in-1" by Electroware: You are finally in control! New efficient design, created not only to protect your Commodore C64 / C128 & 1541-II systems but also to give you even better quality, flexibility and features.

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Commodore C64/C128 PRO PSU is a real, new original design. Supports C64/C128 and 1541-II/1581 FDD units. It's keeping the same redundant protections as our regular PSU line but enabling many advantages and unique features not available in any other PSU. New intelligent architecture is actively distributing power wherever it's needed most (5VDC/12VDC line) and reduces the power losses (heat). The total output power has risen to 31.6W, output ripple is significantly lower for both 5 and 12VDC rails, no-load AC output voltage has been reduced to same values as original C64/C128 PSU were providing (according to your feedback).... but what's most important: now you are able to adjust the output 5VDC voltage in safe range of 5.0-5.5V to set the exact 5.0VDC for your system as every unit is unique and draws different currents.

It is all integrated into well known, small enclosure with dimensions similar to the original Commodore C64 PSU (and much smaller than C128 PSU). Durable, professionally molded enclosure assures good air ventilation, mechanical protection and electrical isolation. It holds the trimming potentiometer in discrete and secure location.

Purchasing the adjustable PRO version? Great! You may be interested in Voltmeter making the calibration easier. Check it out: C64/C128/VIC-II Voltmeter

New C64 PSU "2 in 1" for C64, C64C VIC-20 and 1541-II

C64C & 1541-II system running new C64 PSU "2-in-1"

New C64 PSU "2 in 1" for C64, C64C VIC-20 and 1541-II

C64C & 1541-II system running new C64 PSU "2-in-1"



For many years we are listening to your feedback and offering the unique, new replacement PSU for Commodore computers. Thanks to continuous contact with Commodore users community worldwide our PSU is getting better with every feedback we receive. PRO is 11th revision offered now, always designed with retro computing love and by active C64 & C128 users.

Commodore C64 C128 PSU PRO unit has been created according your precious feedback and with your continuous assistance. Inspired by the Amiga PRO/Duo/Duo+ units it's enabling the features you need and the specifications we discussed many times on our FB page.

We are proud to say that our original PSU design becomes an industry standard, accepted and valued worldwide. What a pity some of them were copied and crippled by many other sellers hungry for "easy" profit. Offering PSU packed in fancy enclosures & stuffed with tons of ridiculous marketing slogans like "designed from scratch". Please beware of these copies as we can't take responsibility for their quality, safety features and overall performance.



  • Commodore C64 "breadbox", C64C, C64D, VIC20 or C128 compatible (depending on cable version)
  • Supports 1541-II & 1581 FDD drives (additional 5VDC & 12VDC output)
  • 21.6W of total combined DC power + 10W for AC power
  • Reworked 9V AC (10W) output circuit (no-load AC voltage level now matches the original)
  • Stabilized & filtered 5VDC up to 4.0A output (20W) for both C64/C128 & FDD
  • Up to 1.5A of 12VDC output for 1541-II/1581 FDD
  • Intelligent DC power distribution (actively redirecting the power between 5VDC & 12VDC rails whenever needed)
  • Adjustable 5VDC output in secure range of 5.0 - 5.5VDC (measured with no load)
  • Possible to set exact 5VDC for your system's specific on-board requirements (expansions, accelerators etc)
  • Multiple active & passive over current and over voltage protections
  • Redundant over voltage protections for 5VDC line
  • Reduced output ripple for both 5VDC & 12VDC
  • Fully isolated, fused on AC and DC side (all rails)
  • Power On/Off switch
  • Two status LEDs (green for 5VDC, yellow for 12VDC)
  • Long output cables (1.8m) with round DIN 7-pin plug (C64) or rectangular DIN 5-pin plug (C128)
  • Detachable FDD Power cable DIN-4pin included (1.8m)
  • Detachable input AC cable for UK and EU (cable included)
  • Fixed input AC cable for USA and AU versions (~1.8 m)
  • Weight only 0.65 KG (4x less than original PSU set)
  • Can be used to power sole C64/C128 or both computer and 1541-II/1581 FDD at the same time
  • Cab be used with C64-toC128 adapter to make an universal PSU
  • Runs COLD!


C64C & 1541-II system running new C64 PSU "2-in-1"

New C64 PSU compared to the original Commodore PSU



Stay with the original Electroware products to gain top build quality, unique features unavailable with the clone products:

  • ON/OFF switch (save the environment by turning the PSU off totally and save your C64's and 1541-II main switches as they broke very often)
  • Can be used to power sole C64/C128 or C64/C128 and 1541-II/1581 at the same time
  • Otuput cable versions C64 and C128
  • Can be used with C64-to-C128 adapter (option) to create universal PSU solution
  • Adjustable 5VDC output (in range of 5.0 - 5.5 VDC) by hidden and secured potentiometer.
  • Reduced output ripple for both 5VDC and 12VDC rails
  • Reduced no-load VAC output voltage (now it's same as in original PSU)
  • Detachable FDD Power cable DIN-4pin included (1.8m)
  • Detachable AC input cable for EU and UK (we deliver 1.8m cable but you can use much longer cables if necessary).
  • Fixed 1.8m cable for USA and AU versions.
  • Status LEDs (green 5VDC & yellow 12VDC)
  • 100% repairable, easy to disassemble by qualified technician, spare parts available.
  • All electric cables terminated with the industrial grade, detachable wire-to-board connectors. There's no amateur and dangerous direct wire-to-board soldering!

C64 PSU status LED indicator

C64 PSU power switch and detachable AC input cable

Inside of C64 & 1541-II PSU "2-in1"

New C64 PSU compared to the original Commodore PSU




C128: Due the high current draw on C128 systems it's recommended to order the C128 ouptput cable version accordingly, especially if your PSU will be powering the C128 and  1541-II / 1581 FDD at the same time. C64-toC128 adapter can be used but notice the larger voltage drop on the cables (maximum voltage adjustment may not reach 5VDC on heavy loaded systems using FDD at the same time).

1541-II & 1581 FDD: Mind that the voltage drop would be different on the cables for C64 / C128 computer and on the cable leading to FDD units when used at the same time. This means that the FDD unit will get a slightly higher 5VDC voltage than delivered to your C64 / C128 unit. It's ~0.2V of difference in most cases. As the voltage drop difference is most visible on the C128 systems (high current draw) it's recommended to set the 5VDC voltage as low as possible to keep stable computer operations (measured on C64/C128 main board) even if it's less than 5VDC (most C64/C128 systems will work stable with 4.8VDC). This way your FDD will not exceed the 5VDC much. The voltage adjustments range is always in the safe limits but it's better to balance the C128/C64 and FDD looking for some common denominator (for example 4.9V for computer giving 5.1V for FDD).

Adjustment: potentiometer is on safe, low-voltage side of the PSU and screwdriver hole is guided preventing internal shortcuts, but for your and your equipment protection please always use isolated screwdriver for adjustment process (100% plastic is the best one). Notice rubber cap on the adjustment hole - it should cover the hole during regular usage to protect from dust, objects or liquids dropping in.

C64C & 1541-II system running new C64 PSU "2-in-1"

New C64 PSU compared to the original Commodore PSU



Every single Electroware C64/ C128 PRO PSU unit is triple tested before dispatch. To assure flawless quality and long lasting performance we are testing with original Commodore gear from our collection as well as by burn-in test with customized load simulating devices causing 150% overload (comparing to regular C64/C128 system).

Stay with the original Electroware products to gain top build quality, unique features unavailable with the clone products. By purchasing this product you are supporting the C= community worldwide and contributing to our continuous developing process.

Thank you!

C64 PSU testing station.


Risk of electrical shock and energy hazard when opened. All failures should be examined by a qualified technicians only. Risk of fire or electrical shock. The ventilation holes should be protected from foreign objects or dripping liquids. Please do not install power supplies in places with high ambient temperature or close to the heat source. Enclosed power supplies are intent to work in indoor locations, it's not allowed to use power supplies outdoor, in dust or high moisture. Output current and output wattage must not exceed the rated values.

This replacement C64 / C128 PSU has been designed for Commodore 64, 128 & VIC20 vintage computer systems only and should be considered as an integral component of C64/VIC20/C128 computer system. Do not connect to any other devices as it's not a general purpose PSU. Manufacturer is not responsible for any consequences of unauthorized or arbitrary repairs, modifications or incorrect usage. Please notice that new, properly working replacement C64/C128 PSU is reducing the system's potential fail rate but still is not guaranteeing that entire C64/C128 system will work correctly (it's often 30+ years old).


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Stay original! Buy only the genuine Electroware's gear and beware the fancy overrated clones flooding eBay & WWW!



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